Kevin Franklin

He is a white man married to a black woman in current day 1976 when such bi-racial relationships were still rather extraordinary. He is an absolutely caring husband to Dana and additionally an intelligent writer. Basically, he has some issues believing what happened to Dana,because he loves her, he accepts her strange tale of time travel. Eventually, he comes to believe it for real when he is accidentally pulled back in the past with Dana and remains there for five years before she returns to him. He eventually becomes concerned that Rufus won Dana with his occasional kindness, and that she forgave how callous he treats Weylin's slaves.

He and Dana do analyze her past, and Kevin helps Dana as good as attainable when they are moved to the past together. In the Antebellum South, Kevin must come to embrace with his own affirmed advantage as a white man and prevent becoming a beast that subdues others to continue to live in this bitter time. Butler draws contrasting among Kevin, Rufus, and Tom, as these white men preferably help or harm other people using their privilege. Kevin works to free slaves using his relative safety as a white man and strives to protect Dana whenever possible.

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Kevin Franklin in the Essays