Nils Krogstad

Krogstad also plays a very significant role in the play. He is an attorney who works in the bank. First of all, it was he who lent Nora the money she needed to save the life of her husband. However, throughout the play, he is blackmailing the woman to make sure that her husband would not fire him. His personality throughout the play is very controversial. On the one hand, the readers may see that he is not a good person as he even does not try to understand Nora's feelings. He behaves hypocritically and things only about his interests. Even more, to achieve his goals, he is ready to go against the moral principles. He endlessly makes Nora feel ashamed and reminds her about her dirty past. However, on the other hand, he sympathizes with Nora. The fact that, in reality, he is not such a bad person may be seen at the end of the story. It becomes evident that his bad behavior and treatment of Nora was mainly because he never was happy. However, after Kristine returns to him, the hero changes drastically. He feels sorry for his behavior and even tries to get back the mail he sent Torvald, to tell the truth. Therefore, the difficult life circumstances help to understand why the hero was behaving in such a way.

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Nils Krogstad in the Essays