As well as Merriman, Lane played his role very well. He is also a servant of Algernon and Jack. Precisely, he is Algernon’s manservant. At the beginning of the story, he is the only one who knows strange secrets about his master – Algernon. Do you remember that “Bunburying?” Yes, he knew about it and kept silent. It deserves respect as very often servants like to talk about their masters thinking that they are much better.

Maybe they are, but all those slanders are the premiere thing which shows there meanness. Nevertheless, our servants are exceptions. They are cool guys. Lane doesn’t have a lot of lines in the book. He appears only in the Act I.

Also, Lane has a strange double life. When his master is in the country “visiting his friend-invalid Bunbury,” he always helps, aids and abets all those lies.  Lane says soothing and comforting things to his employer but stays within the neutral guidelines of a servant. But when his master leaves, he eats sandwiches and drinks champaign.

But, it doesn’t make him a passive hero all. Algernon's butler delivers a number of droll and even epic lines which show that he is far from a passive servant.  

We suppose that his behavior is a little bit awkward, but he does what has to be done in order to save a place of work. In that period of time, it was very hard to find a good job where you will have a nice master who will not argue, kick and so on. That is why the best thing a common servant could do was to obey and try not to show your opinion which will stand out from the masters one.

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