Linda Brent

Linda is the character from whom we can actually receive the story. She is a black woman who suffers from total iniquity in society. The society does not call black people as normal humans and treats them as something unnecessary. The reader meets Linda as a strong woman who is struggling from slavery at the same time. She is extremely smart and deeply impresses the reader with her braveness. She does not accept slavery as the inevitability and writes her story to appeal to white people and show her triumph.

Linda is ready to win the battle of her life, and her courage creates a picture of a strong and unshakable woman. She is not ashamed to give an answer to her abuser who like any other white people thinks that black ones were created for the purpose to be used. She was not strong physically, but her unshaken moral strength could not be invisible. Linda is self-assured enough to let her down by others. The reader can explore the sense of slavery that the woman presents. She claims that there are lots of unforgivable things she was forced to do because of being a slave. Slavery did not let her be the honest woman she wanted to be as her fate was to obey and accept the reality.

Linda is convinced that black people that are engaged in slavery cannot be Christians as they are forced to do lots of sins without their willing. They lose their innocence and could nothing do to remain it.

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Linda Brent in the Essays