Louisa Gradgrind

This lady is the eldest Mr. Gradgrind’s daughter whose life experience proved ambiguity of her father’s principles of education. She is the protagonist of the story, and a reader gets acquainted with this girl from her young age. She was under the substantial influence of her father’s ideas; this means that she was obliged to be aware of facts, numbers, and calculations. However, such rigid control develops opposed ideas in the young heart. Louisa resents factual information because she is willing to act by the wish of her heart. Understandably, due to her immaturity, she cannot reject her father’s influence; therefore, Louisa tends to evaluate human behavior and emotions.

Her life is spent on useless things. One the one hand, due to being educated like a mathematician, she could be able to understand simple things and the truth of true existence deeper. On the other hand, she was denied to be a simple child with the moments of laziness since her father made her become “educated.”

Louisa undertakes unhappy marriage which ends up with divorce. That is natural not to love a person whom you have no feelings too. From the position of deeper analysis of a literary text, her character is depicted as the one of doomed mood and full of worries. As a result, she dies even not knowing the real happiness of being a wife, mother and, of course, daughter. Louisa dies but understands that if a person is emotionally rich, he may feel the life to the fullest. However, it is too late to transform her father’s attitude to life since emotional illness dramatically progresses and embraces mind similar to the robot’s. Even in twenty-two, she was like the senior.

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