Lucky is one of the most interesting personalities in the play Waiting for Godot. Samuel Beckett describes him as a slave of Pozzo and a person that is entirely different from his slaveholder. Analyzing the play, it is possible to say that this creature is the antithesis of the character of Pozzo. His meaning of life is to please his slaveholder and get food instead and, in this way, the slave’s name is nothing but a strong irony. According to Vladimir, the main character of the play, even old dogs feel themselves better than lucky as he has no feeling of dignity at all.

Being dedicated to Pozzo with all his heart, he does not want to leave him when Estragon makes an attempt and gives a hand of help. What is more, Lucky becomes angry with this particular idea to free him and attacks Estragon in a very aggressive manner. This creature is more an animal than a human being, and that is why his master calls him with animal names. Despite the fact that these names sound odd, they reflect the whole situation of the slaver much better than the description of the author. His life is a parody of the everyday life of people as a lot of individuals also depend on their “masters” who feed them and provides shelter for different kind of favors. 

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