Lucy Westenra

She is sexy, hot and very pretty, that is why she and their best friend Mina were Dracula’s desirable thing.

In the book, she becomes a fiancée of Arthur, a man she loves very much. Also, she was a beloves woman of Dr.Seward. But she didn’t feel something huge to him.

Lucy is the first important victim of Dracula in the book. He even wanted to play with her and people who love her. He made her ill, and send to Dr.Seward. As he doesn’t know what is happening to his love, he was desperate. Well done, Dracula, your tricks worked it out. After that, she dies, and everyone was very sad about it. Can you imagine what happened when she woke up? Shock? Very light word. After the death, she totally changed killing everything and everyone she sees. She then terrorizes children, becoming known as the "bloody lady" in local papers.

In lots of ways she is pretty much like her friend Mina, they are both innocent. The only thing which distinguished them is Lucy’s sexuality. She captivates each man, and feel like she loves all of them as well. In an early letter to Mina, Lucy laments, “Why can’t they let a girl marry three men, or as many as wanting her, and save all this trouble?”

After her death, Lucy becomes a very scary character, and in this demonic state, Lucy stands as a dangerous threat to men and their tenuous self-control, and therefore, she must be destroyed. Her death makes her darl soul even bigger, and it was the thing which was needed to be changed as no man could handle with it.

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