A young Spanish woman who becomes beloved by Robert Jordan. The beautiful young girl has the life full of trials. Firstly, her life story has been undermined by her parents’ execution. In fact, Maria's father was a Republican leader. Besides, she has been for some time at the harsh hands of the Fascists and, as a result, has become the victim of the fascist violence. Nevertheless, after all the trials of her life, Maria is still a woman with a pure soul. One may see that the love comes to her in harsh times. The beautiful girl attracts Robert Jordan’s eye from the first sight. Despite her painful past experiences, Maria is a woman with a glowing beauty. For two days, she enjoys the deep satisfaction and genuine happiness before her lovely husband Robert Jordan dies. Maria is the one who gives Robert Jordan a needed inspiration and the glow of hope. Besides, it becomes evident that Robert Jordan’s closeness with Maria symbolizes his closeness with Spain. Probably, it is Maria's inner strength and resilience which allow her to overcome the difficult times. Regardless the fact that, in the beginning, Robert Jordan gives priority to the mission rather than romantic relationship, at the end he thanks Maria for everything that she has taught him, including the ability to resolve the tensions between love and work. Finally, Maria embodies a lovely image of a land that regardless of the war maintains its natural beauty, power, and dignity.

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