Meg Murry

Meg Murry is the central character of the novel. She is the oldest child of the scientists Alex and Kate Murry.

Meg is a teenager, and like many children at her age, she is stubborn, defiant, and self-critical. At school, she always acts rather awkward and does not study well. Even though she is perfect at mathematics, she has got used to not using her brain and other powers. Meg does not believe in her self, and her self-criticism makes her believe that she is worth nothing. The problem is that the worse she thinks of herself, the worse she acts and looks in the eyes of others.

At the beginning of the story, she does not use her real powers and potential, and she has to overcome a difficult road before learning how to do it. Gradually, throughout the story, Meg learns how to be self-reliant and appreciate all of her hidden powers. At first, she believes that if she finds her father, all her problems will be solved. However, as Meg, together with her friends, goes through a long and difficult road to her father, she understands that if she wants to change something, she should do it herself. As a result, Meg’s self-confidence rises, and with the help of Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, Mrs. Like other characters, she learns how to appreciate herself and to perceive the things that first seem to be her biggest faults as her strongest weapons.

The turning point of the process of Meg’s growth as a person is reflected in the episode when she realizes that she is the only one who can save Charles Wallace. She finally believes in herself, and this belief makes her strong enough to save her little brother.

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