Milly Bloom

 Milly Bloom is the daughter of Leopold Bloom, the main character of the novel "Ulysses," a duplicate and a Jewish by nationality. The novel tells of a day June 16, 1904 when Leo Bloom conducts in the publishing house, on the streets and in the cafe of Dublin, at the funeral of his acquaintance, on the shore of the bay, at the maternity home where he meets Stephen Dedal, a young teacher in the local school, in a brothel and, finally, in his own house, where he leads late at night pretty drunk Daedalus, who lost his shelter.

Milly Bloom is Molly and Leopold Bloom's fifteen-year-old daughter, who does not actually appear in Ulysses other than through verbal recollections and letters. The Blooms send Milly to live in Mullingar and learn photography. She is dating Alec Bannon in Mullingar.

She is sent away from home by his father because, at the end of the 19th century, censors viewed themselves as defenders of public order in the advancing information era. The increase in the level of literacy of the population and the drop in prices for books led to the creation of a new mass market. People began to read them more and more. The power of books alerted representatives of the authorities. Literacy was a dangerous weapon in the hands of anyone who could use it for other purposes. One scandalous scene was enough to make the book banned.

The readers, who needed protection from “Ulysses,” were a new generation of young women-a female student and the Editor's of Greenwich the most. The danger was probably the thing they would take. It's no accident that the criminal charges against the editors of "The Little Review" began after the businessman complained to the authorities that the magazine was sent by mail to his underage daughter, Milly Bloom.

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