Mina Murray Harker

Her first name was Mina Murray, later she becomes Mina Harker. She is so clear and innocent that immediately becomes the reason of Dracula’s desires and lustful depravity.

We know a lot about her, and she is a very dynamic character. She never knew her parents, and when she finds Jonathan, she feels like he is the only one for her in this world. She is a dutiful wife and mother, and her successes are always in the service of men. Mina’s moral perfection remains as stainless, in the end, as her forehead. During the novel, they get married by the way Jonathan becomes the first person who meets Dracula in London.

Talking about Mina, she is very strong, her spirit is unbelievable. Her heart is so pure and kind that no one can equal her. Mina stands as the model of domestic propriety, an assistant schoolmistress who dutifully studies newfangled machines like the typewriter so as to be useful to her husband. Also, this girl is intellectually gifted. All her thoughts and suggestions are not just words, she always says facts, and never appears as a chatter-box. Exactly her strategic insight makes it possible to find Dracula and to end up with him at the end of the novel.

By the way, she is the best friend of Lucy Western who was also chosen as a target by Dracula. Mina’s sexuality is so enigmatic to Dracula. Unlike Lucy, she is not most noteworthy for her physical beauty, which spares Mina her friend’s fate of being transformed into a voluptuous she-devil.

She has more roles in the second half of the book when Dracula wants to bite her. The main war in the novel is happening between her innocence and purity and Dracula’s corrupting evil.

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