Miss Emma Glenn

Miss Emma Glenn is Jefferson’s godmother and the one person who raised him up and took care of him. The plot does not give too much information about this woman, but it is known that she is poor. Miss Emma had been working as a housekeeper on the plantation all her life before she was managed to keep some money and leave the work. The reader can get some data about this woman from her physical appearance described by Grant on trial.

Miss Emma is described as a big woman with strict unmovable expression and without too much energy. She has no ability to change the court decision or to influence the other people. She is a plain woman without any chances to make great changes. However, her calmness contains the hidden strength. Miss Emma has the strength to be in the place she is and stay there unshakably. She does not pretend for the enormous changes but is calmly hoping for at least one little good change. The woman accurately knows what to do in the concrete situation, and this feature makes her an awesome person.

The life of Miss Emma was not an easy one, but she could go through anything. The woman is able to manipulate the needed people to help in her situation and make them do she wants. An example of this is Grant’s visiting of Jefferson.

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