Miss Quentin Compson

is a poor girl that grew up under the strict supervision of Jason and without love from anyone in that family. In many ways she repeats the fate of her mother: she dives early into adulthood, also exists in conditions of deprivation and rigid treatment to her. Her mother sends her money but her uncle Jason takes them and leaves Quentin skint. She meets a guy — Jack — an artist from a circus which came to the city that day.

They decide to run away. Quentin steals three thousand dollars from Jason, she is sure that they belong to her — it is money from her mother, and then she and Jack disappear. Jason tries to find them, but he has no success. We can realize through this character that parent’s mistakes and an attitude of the family always have an irrecoverable influence on children. She is sure that she is ‘bad’ and inherited all the worst from her mother and thus become rebellious and promiscuous.

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Miss Quentin Compson in the Essays