Mitch Albom

Mitch is the main hero and the author of the book. The main concept of the text is that tells us about meetings with Morrie. When he was studying, he was a student of Morrie, and after graduation, he promised to keep in touch after graduation. As it usually happens, people lost contacts and stop talking. That is life, and there is nothing to deal with it.

Becoming an adult, he finds a job as a sports journalist in Detroit. Later he accidentally sees his old professor on ABC show and reconnects with her. The two pledge to meet every Tuesday, where Mitch records the lessons he learns from his professor, years after getting his diploma.

Talking about his character, he is a man with a very good-heart and during his life he has surrendered his dreams of becoming a musician to dreams of material wealth and professional success. He has grown disillusioned and valued money over love. After working himself nearly to death, leaving little time for himself or his wife Janine, the union to which he belongs at the Detroit newspaper he works for goes on a long strike, and for the first time, he finds himself with neither work nor a steady paycheck. Upon learning of the strike, he grows increasingly frustrated by the career and life decisions he has made and experiences a life-altering epiphany in which he realizes that he needs to change. He wants a chance at self-redemption, a chance to reassess his priorities so that he may recreate for himself a fulfilling life, enriched with people and activities that give him meaning and purpose.

Only after Morrie's death, he understood that he wants to end his life in the same way, being recognized and remembered. He sees in Morrie, a man he always wanted to become, a person who will also change someone’s outlook, behaviour and attitude in life.

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Mitch Albom in the Essays