Morrie's Mother

Unfortunately this hero is a complete mystery and secret in the book. We never know the name and profession of this woman, though we know that she was caring mother to Morrie and his little brother. She took care of them and her husband. She had a lot of dreams and desires, and her biggest happiness in life was family. Also, we know that she passes when Morrie is seven, and exactly after the death, Morrie understands that life never stops, even when someone dies. So, we can summarize that the boy started to become wise since so little age. So sad that author of the text didn’t want us to become closer to this character, as it will be really cool to know her own story, her views on life, where she was born, how did she live, where did she meet her husband? Because it seems like exactly from her Morrie inherited the brain and wisdom. You know, his father wasn’t the last at all, telling his 7-year-old not to talk about the real mother in the presence of David, his younger brother.

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Morrie's Mother in the Essays