Mr. Alex Murry

Alex Murry is a famous and talented physicist who works for the government and studies the means for traveling between planets and the characteristics of space/time continuum. At the beginning of the story, the reader learns that Mr. Murry mysteriously disappeared a couple of years ago. No one can find him, but Meg believes that he is alive. She remembers him as the father who taught her math and played different games with her. In Meg’s memory, Mr. Murry exists in an image of a superhero. The girl associates all the happiness and other positive emotions with him and believes that together with him, everything will be alright and she will have no problems.

Meg believes in her father’s power and does not question it. That is why at first, she cannot realize that her father is an ordinary person with his faults and weaknesses. The image of the father as a superhero is destroyed when Mr. Murry leaves Charles Wallace under IT’s control to save Meg. First, she feels like her father has betrayed her. However, gradually, she comes to an understanding that her father is an ordinary person, and it, in turn, reinforces the realization that she should take responsibilities for her actions.

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