Mr. Freeman 

Mr. Freeman is a boyfriend of Vivien. He doesn’t talk, read or do something else until Maya enters the room. Only when the girl appears he shows at least some actions and greets her. Maya has described him as a big brown bear and is not a coincidence. Everybody thinks that bears are very cute, but they may become very dangerous as well. Mr. Freeman shows his true nature – he sexually abuses the 8-year girl and rapes her. Maya has no enough attention from her parents, so in his hug poor girl tried to find at least some manifestation of love to her. It is not clear from the text why Mr. Freeman did it, whether he felt guilty or not. When the truth about rape was out, he was killed. However, even after his death, he doesn’t stop to influence the life of Maya. The girl feels guilty of his death. She thinks that if she hadn’t told anyone about rape, he would have been alive. Maya even refuses to talk for some time. After stopping to be silent, the girl tries not to mention about this at all but the sensation of guilt in his death still a long time remains with her. Mr. Freeman and his terrible deed have significantly changed Maya's life.

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