Mr. Karl Lindner

Mr. Karl Lindner is presented by the author as the manor character of the play. Lorraine Hansberry describes him as a person full of contradictions. For example, when he is shy and confused to arrive in the family household of the Youngers; nonetheless, later, this man says disrespectful things to the members of the family in a polite and gentle way. What is more, sometimes, he is not even aware of insulting other people with his words, considering himself to be just an ordinary courier who has to bring a message and take no part in any professional issue. Being dedicated to his professional organization, Mr. Karl Lindner sincerely believes in the accuracy of the messages he has to deliver. In this way, it is possible to say that he is not aware of the full scope of his messages and the aim of his work in general, often hurting people with words. Despite all these facts, the Youngers treat him with respect and try to consider him as an ordinary worker who has to follow the orders of his organization. 

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Mr. Karl Lindner in the Essays