Mr. Sands 

Mr. Sands is one the white people that surround Linda. He is the young son of the local lawyer and has no family yet. Mr. Sands is the one who had a sexual relationship with Linda. Black women were not protected from such cases as they were considered as something lower than just people. Remember Linda’s words about the loss of innocence and doing sins without having any other choice. The relationship ends up with Linda’s pregnancy. She gave life to two children and called them Benny and Ellen.

Mr. Sands slightly differs from other white people by his attitude to the racial question. He is much softer, kinder, and free from stereotypes. He does not leave Linda with her problems and make lots of efforts to purchase her children. His struggle ends with success, and he took Benny, Ellen, and William making them free. Eventually, Mr. Sands leaves his place and moves to the north. The man managed to win the position in Congress. He places Ellen with relatives to protect her with a better future as Linda worried about the fate of her kids. At the end of the story, we can see Mr. Sands happily married and having children with his wife.

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