Mr. Swales

This old man is a little bit horrifying too. He is an archetypical figure who was made based on the historical George Swales. This old guy has a strange gift; he could feel each bad thing. But as it happened in many books, no one believes him.

What we do know about him is that he is a very kind man, but of course, word calm is not about him. Do you remember how he was crying on the streets about the coming evil? The author of the text didn’t give Swales much space to develop his own character; maybe he is really unnecessary.

He is the landlord at Whitby; also he was the first person who said that a big evil is coming to England. But of course, no one believed him. He was a good friend to Lucy and Mina. He speaks in his peculiar dialect, about the local superstitions about lost sailors with which he himself vehemently disagrees. SO, in some way, we understand why people didn’t believe him. How could they believe to a little bit insane man? His life ended at night under mysterious circumstances. But we all can suppose that he died because of being loud, and telling people things they shouldn’t know. We know that Dracula doesn’t like when someone is on his road.

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