Mr. Winterbourne

Winterbourne is the protagonist of the story. He is a lonely, educated and noble American who lives in Switzerland (mainly in Geneva). He said he was educated in Geneva and had a refined and conservative taste. At the same time, he has a strong desire to continue the “adventure” with Daisy Miller. As her aunt says, “Costello” is less than a bond. It is believed that young women in Winterbourne bring suspicious love and continue to actively participate in the “society” of the socially educated society in which it moves during a trip to Central Europe.

It seems that Winterbourne loves Daisy’s love and spends most of the story she reaches to find out if she has no sin (they don’t know how people react to her relationship with Giovanelli) or she’s immoral. It is the total price between these two options. Vevey works a lot on Daisy and even suggests visiting a nearby villa. Although Winter Bourne is trying to intervene between Giovanelli and Daisy, he has a similar relationship with his disregard for Vevey.

His name has a specific meaning: "winter," as in cold, severe and "born" as intolerance. To a certain extent, he is a cold observer who keeps his distance and never gets on the line. Daisy calls him increasingly "hard" and in his assessments, Daisy, disappointed by his surprise, remains frozen and barely able to act. Although he is the only defender of Daisy, he cannot help her. Obviously, he's jealous of Giovanelli, but he stays at a distance and does nothing. To be honest, Winterbourne is a big tragic observer. He is busy, but far away. At the end of the story, therefore, he can return more or less without influence on normal life.

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