Mrs. Costello

Ms. Costello is the main instrument Henry James uses for a high-level society in Europe. He has such a high social situation that from time to time he can not even weaken interaction with the world outside the hotel room and his nephew. He constantly judges the actions of other people and always considers them "normal" and under their nephew and their time. Her safety and exclusivity probably led to her two sons, both of whom fled Switzerland and did not return to her. Instead, she stayed with a nephew, Winterbourne. Who connects them to the outside world, is completely closed to all. The irony in this situation is that it's so exclusive that nobody talks to it at all. What raises the question, which is better?

As a person, Mrs. Costello, she knows well what other people are connected with, perhaps curious, because she always knows who is in the hotel: “Oh yes, I looked at her, I saw them, heard and deleted them from the road” (1503 year). He is proud of his own business, comparing it with others and is usually considered better and more perfect. It is extremely important and decides about the activities and motivations of others. Mrs. Costello is “a widow with wealth, a man with a big difference, who often pointed out that if she didn’t have such severe headaches, she probably would have left a deeper impression on her time” (1503) she’s over other characters and allowed her to continue moving in the direction look at her. Despite the fact that she has headaches, she often looks like a fragile woman who almost every day pretends to be a headache. She also admits that she did not do anything very impressive in her life, which contributes to her image of tenderness and gentleness because she believes that a woman should be a woman - an idea that she is very interested in.

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