Mrs. Higgins

Higgins' mother Mrs. Higgins is an intelligent and independent woman, with a high position in society. She hosts the Eynsford Hills at her rich home. Even though the woman is truly upset with Eliza's presence, she is always kind to her. She merely knows what it means to be a woman in London of those times, and she is afraid of the future that waits for Eliza. Even more, she does her best to explain to the son that Eliza is not an object or his possession and that he must treat her equally to others, taking into account her feelings.  The mother also truly loves her son, although she is truly upset with his manners, language, and behavior.  From some points of view, Mrs. Higgings is a traditional mother figure who cares the most about his son. She tries throughout the story to warn the son of the consequences of his actions. One more fact that proves that Mrs. Higgings is truly a kind and sympathetic person is that Eliza listens to her when she wants good advice from an old lady. She feels that the lady is sincere with her desire to help and find the support talking with her about the problems.

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Mrs. Higgins in the Essays