Kristine Linde

Contrary to Nora, who seems to be a doll in the "dollhouse," Kristine is an independent and hard-working person whose life story made her a really strong personality. She is a woman with rich knowledge background and life experience. Once, she had no other choices but to marry a man she did not love just for the sake of money. She wanted to make sure that her mother and brothers were not hungry and had enough money for living. This fact from the very beginning presents that a woman is a caring person who prioritizes the needs of others rather than her own. Because of the life difficulties she faced, Nora left a man she truly loved to marry another man who had a lot of money. She has never thought about her own happiness and feelings. Then, when Kristine's mother died, and the lives of her brothers became much better, she finally became free. However, the readers may see that the woman needs to carry about others and cannot live her life only for herself. Therefore, the heroine turns back to Krogstad, the man she truly loves. She starts to carry for him and his children and finally feels happy to be needed again. Besides, the woman played an important role in opening Nora's eyes to her place in the world. She motivated the heroine to release her inner struggles and tell the truth. All Kristine's actions prove that all that she needs is the chance to care for others.

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