Mrs. Sparsit

Mrs. Sparsit is another character with the negative perception by a reader. Money matters a lot to this middle-aged housekeeper. This lady is described to be highly sophisticated by her appearance, though she is not young; however, her character is used in the book as one of the poor moral values.

Mrs. Sparsit is a widow who is gifted with a classical physique and roman face with the same expression. She works for Mr. Bounderby and is rather important for maintaining comfort at home. Her main responsibility is to manage the work of servants and to plan their schedule in a comfortable way. Those men who were married had their wives to be in the role of housekeepers. It is worth to emphasize that Mrs. Sparsit always wanted to become his wife since Mr. Bounderby was a rich man with his own business and strict rules of running a business. If we take into consideration his attitude towards Mrs. Sparsit, we may claim that he perceived her only as a servant, but in order to hide her non-noble origin, Mr. Bounderby lied that she was from the educated and rich family and helped him not only around the house but also to manage the business.

The lady’s dreams were destroyed when Mr. Bounderby married Louisa who, as the fact said, did not love him. Therefore, Mrs. Sparsit developed the plan on how to destroy the tied up marriage. Though she was jealous and malice, she is depicted as rather comic since all her actions and thoughts boil down to money matters.

As we know, Mr. Bounderby did not communicate with his mother because she did not appeal his ‘noble’ surrounding and needs. How is Mrs. Sparsit connected to this story? Well, she was the person to reveal such a weird secret just accidentally.

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