Mrs. Walker

In Henry James Daisy Miller, Mrs. Walker in the 19th century is a tough and conservative type of European society. Although Mrs. Walker is an outwardly rich and elegant person, she is internally insecure and sensitive. She is very offended by Daisy’s disobedience, trying to explain the harmfulness of her unpredictable behavior. Daisy’s refusal of Mrs. Walker on p. 122 of the text illustrates Ms. Walker's stern character: “I never heard anything! If that doesn’t fit, Mrs. Walker,” she continued, “then I’m completely wrong, and you have to get me back.” “As Mrs. Walker calls herself “the oldest, Daisy’s reaction makes her cry. Disapproval of Mrs.”

Mrs. Walker is always worried about her perception in others. She is a very conservative woman that hates being contradicted. When Daisy refused to stop walking in the street and get in Ms. Walker car, so Ms.Walker got really offended and started crying. Although Mrs.Walker is interested in others affairs, she only cares herself and doesn’t really care about them at all. Mrs. Walker acts as if she cares of others when really she is only seeking attention. This is shown when Winterbourne described her: “Mrs. Walker was one of those American ladies who while residing abroad, made a point studying European society and she had on this occasion collected several specimens of her diversely born fellow-mortals to serve, as it were, as textbooks” she only cares about having control over society.

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