Mrs. Which

Mrs. Which is the oldest lady among the three Mmes. W. She also helps Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace to find Mr. Murry and fight the Black Thing. Her special talent lies in wrinkling time and space, which helps children travel to other planets. Unlike Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which is an immortal being that predominantly does not materialize. Instead, children can hear her and feel her presence. Her voice is like an echo that comes from far away, and this image strengthens the vision of Mrs. Which as a distant yet powerful force. It is important to note that even though she seems too strange and distant from the humans’ reality and is not as friendly as Mrs. Whatsit, children trust her completely. The matter is that they feel how much she cares about fighting the Black Thing and serving the good. For instance, once, she forgot that human beings need three dimensions to live in and guided the children to the 2-d planet. Despite this and other mistakes, Mrs. Which is primarily associated with the good force that cares a lot about the bigger mission.

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