Mrs. Who

Mrs. Who is another immortal being who helps Meg and her friends during their journey. As a human being, she is a plump woman wearing spectacles. She is well-educated and knows many foreign languages. Besides that, she always speaks quoting the famous works of literature and philosophy. The fact that everything she says is somebody else’s words makes the image of Mrs. Who rather vague and ambiguous. The quotes she uses also make her a rather mysterious personality and at the same time, reflect the wider cultural and historical context of the story. At the end of the novel, Mrs. Who gives her glasses to Meg, and this episode has a symbolic meaning. On the one hand, such a present could mean that Meg can see the things that others do not see. On the other hand, as Meg is wearing glasses like Mrs. Who, this present was meant to reinforce the idea that people’s faults can become their strengths if interpreted properly.

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