P.R. Deltoid

Alex's Post-Corrective Adviser, Deltoid has a farcical way of speaking and does not understand why London's youth is running wild.

During the story we really respect him. He makes everything according to his conscience and tries to make the right decisions in life.

This character is doubtful and contradictory. He sometimes does illogical things, and it causes strange feeling while reading. We can’t make sure what do we feel to him? Do we like him or not? Is he from the side of good or bad guys? Let us give you two visible examples of what is wrong with him.

This hero is a detached State employee who nonetheless seeks to do the right thing. He takes a (small) liking to Alex, as evidenced by the fact that he visits Alex's home in order to caution Alex against trouble-making. So, this is clear evidence that he is a good guy, he helps, and he wants Alex to become better. But, nothing can be so easy.

At the same time, Alex puzzles P. R. Deltoid—his propensity for brutality defies any logical explanation. Ultimately, though, P. R. Deltoid resents and rejects types like Alex, and spits in his face in the holding cell. So, it clearly means that he doesn’t like people like Alex. His inability to understand Alex also causes P. R. Deltoid to make up lies in order to put the boy behind bars for fourteen years. After these two occasions, we can’t make sure about this character, so it just depends on you to choose if you like or not this man. Maybe he is a show-off? In reality, he likes Alex, but when there are people near him he starts to hate? Well, it’s not good, Deltoid, not good!

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