Philip does not belong to the list of prominent characters, but his presence in the novel has its specifics. He is a son to Aunt Martha who remains the freedom at the end of her life and was working to help her children. Linda, the main character of the story is a niece to Philip and usually spends time with him. Philip himself is not a slave anymore as his mother was managed to buy him freedom, giving his owner 800$. He can be free from the horrible ownership of cruel Dr. Flint and live his life as he wants.

As a person, Philip is really kind, with a soft heart and can sympathize others with a sincere understanding. We can find lots of examples that prove deep intelligence of this man. Even being a black, he was a vivid example of a smart individual. Philip was the one who understands Linda’s willing to escape and helps her to arrange the process. In spite of his mother being strictly protesting, he provides Linda with a hiding place in the house and protects her. He was able to understand her struggle to obtain freedom both physical and mental one.

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Phillip in the Essays