Piani is one of those characters about who we don’t know a lot of information. As he didn’t have lots of lines, we will tell you just a few moments in order to get you acquainted with him. Piani is a simple American ambulance driver with the Italian army who also took part in World War I in the Farewell to Arms.

According to this fact, he can be easily described as a very brave person who has strong nerves. He is not the main hero at all, but at the same time, he is an essential part of the text. The reason for it is very easy – every hero has to have the friend who will support and help. That is why Henry is a lucky guy who has such a great back up during the war. Because, seriously, who can come across the War and keep the mind clear?

Also, after the middle of the novel, when Henry was injured, Piani never left him, and stay with Henry till he retreated. That is one more reason to respect Piani. Not lots of people are capable of doing it, with no expectations to get something instead. What is said to us about him? At least he is a loyal person who knows what friendship is and how to keep it and support a friend. Maybe he is even the only one who is a good friend. And, seriously, it deserves to be honored, highlighted and mentioned in the text.

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Piani in the Essays