Pozzo is a character that acts after the introduction of all the other people. This man is represented by the author as a self-confident aristocrat who is incredibly rich, owns a significant number of slaves, and lives in a large manor. He is cruel and tends to use people around him or exploit them for his own purposes. Thus, Lucky and Estragon are not the exceptions, and Pozzo successfully manipulates with them. At the very beginning, this man was mistaken by the main characters to be Godot, because he created a strong first impression on them.

As a matter of fact, Pozzo may be characterized as a despotic person that is more significant in comparison to other people because he has a firm will, is decisive and very powerful. In this way, Pozzo always is described to be the first to take decisions in a number of different situations and knows what to do in order to solve any issue. In other words, he is presented to the audience as God; nonetheless, the image of Pozzi is not perfect at all. In the long run, this character becomes blind and realizes that he is not that mighty and influential as he claims himself to be. Being unable to see, Pozzo fails to exist without help from other people and comes to a conclusion that he has been blind with his heart for all his life. 

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