An old fighter of Pablo's band of guerillas. He is a flat-faced man, with gray hair and a broken nose. His name means "primitive," and it symbolizes his down-to-earth lifestyle and simplified perceptions of the war. Because of his appearance, Primitivo is referred all the time as "the flat-faced man." He does not play one of the leading roles in the guerrilla band. Besides, even though he is pretty banged up, from the war, the hero does not possess the cynicism needed for survival during the hard times. He has no intention to perceive the hard realities of the war. For instance, Primitivo tries to communicate politely and neglects Pablo's annoying remarks when the situation is already out of control. He is a quite dependable member of Pablo's band who runs with the crowd. Primitivo serves as the sentry when Robert Jordan and Agustín lay waiting for the patrol and fighting at the bridge. However, he still acts like a person who does not accept the brutal reality of the war where one should be ready to let his best friends in order to serve effectively. Even though he survives the attack, his commitment is not prominently illustrated throughout the story.  

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