Rahim Khan

Well, we all see that even when characters don’t have many lines in the book, they can still be interesting and play a very important role. The same is with Rahim. Let’s get to know him better.

Rahim Khan is Baba's best friend and business partner. He's also a figure of the true father to Amir; he always tried to fill in that hole which Amir has after years of cold attention from Baba, his real father. He also shares Baba's deepest secret with Amir. He often tried to be very open to Amir, not to cause any problems to him and to try to fill that hole left by his father’s emotional distance. Rahim Khan takes care of Baba's house, brings Hassan back to Kabul. By the way, it was he who says Amir that he will be good at the writing deal; he gifted him a notebook and said to start writing. Also, it was Rahim who said Amir to come back to Afghanistan to atone for his and Baba's sins. 

Rahim Khan is Baba’s closest person, the one who knows all dirty secrets. He has an inexplicable capability to know what people are thinking and how to speak to them. He is one of not a big amount of people about Hassan’s real inner world and his physical abuse. 

As we have said, some characters aren’t tich and fully-developed. And honestly, that is completely okay.  But Rahim seems to be the whole story’s moral centre. Taking into account Baba, Ali, Hassan, Amir and Assef, each of them have their meaning. Hassan and Ali are in the land of bright power, shining with moral purity. Assef is the example of complete devilish cruelty. Amir and Baba – well, they are something between bad and good. And Rahim is the voice of moral answers.

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