Randolph Miller

Randolph is the nine-year-old younger brother Daisy. Although he was sent on a trip to Europe with Daisy and Mrs. Miller, he does not particularly appreciate European culture or history and refuses to do everything he says. Unlike rich European children who go abroad, he has no teacher, he does not go to school, and he is allowed to do what he wants. As a result, he stays in hotel lounges until midnight, terrorizing courier Yugio and telling rude things when he is attracted to high-society immigrants. Although Daisy describes her younger brother as “tedious” with her general openness, his honesty can be refreshing in the unbridled hypocrisy of immigrants. The annoying — or attractive — features are in that he compares everything in Europe with America, which is detrimental to the continent: he attributed the loss of his hardwood teeth to the weather in Europe and is alarmed at how dark it gets there at night - in America he says patriotic and illogical: "There is always a moon!”

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