Rebeca Buendía

Rebeca is the adopted daughter of the head of the family, José Arcadio Buendia, and Ursula. Rebecca got into their family at the age of about 10 years. The only thing with her was a sack, inside which were the bones of her parents, who were cousins of Ursula. Initially, the girl could be described as extremely shy, and, in part, very strange, she hardly spoke, and besides, she had a habit of sucking her finger and eating earth with lime from the walls of the house. When Rebeca has matured, her appearance changes and she becomes a beauty, which captivates the Italian Pietro Crespi, but their wedding is constantly postponed due to constant mourning. As a result, this love makes her and Amaranth, who is also in love with the Italian, the worst enemies. Upon the return of Jose Arcadio, Rebecca goes against Ursula's will for him to marry. For this, a couple in loves is sent out of the house. After the death of Jose Arcadio, Rebecca, angry at the whole world, locked herself in a house alone under the care of her maid. Later, the 17 sons of Colonel Aureliano try to repair Rebecca's house, but they manage only to update the facade, as Rebecca's front door never opened. Rebecca dies in deep old age, still with her finger in her mouth.

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