Reverend Moses Ambrose

Reverend Moses Ambrose is a strong believer and a person who is strongly devoted to religion. It is the main problem why there is always arguing between Reverend and Grant. Grant is a radical nonbeliever, and these both always have the theme to argue about. Grant blames Reverend in the blindness, claiming that he is pondering about life in heaven more than about everyday life and everything people meet in it. Reverend does not want to think too much about now and prefers thinking about future life in better condition.

However, we can easily notice that Reverend does not leave the people who need the help and do a lot to supply them with the needed. He is a really caring person and never says bad things about those who he visits or helps. That is the feature that mostly differentiates him from Grant. Reverend never complains but states that his job is not easy. He admits that despite being fully religious, he is forced to lie everywhere. This lie is supposed to help people to go through their difficulties. He lies on weddings, on funerals, and on many different occasions.

The reader can brightly see that Reverend is not a person who blindly believes without reasoning. He is pondering about the role of faith in life and tried to connect the logic and religion together.

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