Úrsula Iguarán

Úrsula Iguarán is the most important female character in the novel and the wife of José Arcadio Buendia. She lived to the age of 120 and was the mother of the family, who brought up the majority of her family members to the great-grandsons. For a long time she, because of superstitions about them with José Arcadio connection, was confident that their marriage would bring suffering to their family. Therefore, they decide to move to Makondo from Riohachi. Ursula appears before us as a small, active, hard, strict, but at the same time a kind and very moral woman. Even in spite of the confrontation with the debauchery of his son Aureliano, the criminal connection between her son José Arcadio and her daughter Rebeca, she eventually accepts the illegitimate grandson left by her son José Arcadio when he escapes with the gypsies, accepts a small Rebecca whose kinship is unclear, and opens the doors of his house to the seventeen sons of Aureliano. The burden of managing the family rest on her thin shoulders, she was engaged in small business-making candies and thanks to this, she collected a large amount of money and rebuilt the house, around which, then, and all the events revolve. At the end of life, Ursula gradually blurted out and died without trusting anyone the secret of the location of her treasure. In addition to the fact that she raised children and earned money, including bread baking, Ursula was almost the only member of the family who had a sound mind, a business grasp, the ability to survive in any situation, rallying all with her boundless kindness.

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