Rufus Weylin

An owner in Antebellum Maryland and Dana’s forefather. He is a white man with red hair. Unfortunately, Rufus is a result of the century and society he lives in, becoming crueler, more egotistical, and more inhuman through the years and he is more submerged in the patriarchal slave-holding society of South America. Rufus is incapable of conquering his pertaining to social pressure, despite Dana efforts to explain Rufus to admire every person no matter what race he is. Alice is his lover, but the compulsive and selfish character of his feeling require a disgusting glance into a desegregated connection gone wrong. During the novel, the author uses Rufus to show the difficult relationship that slaves can have for their owners, as Dana comes to view Rufus with a mixture of apprehension, dislike, and even a small amount of strong fondness. Anyway, Rufus never learns to really occurrence slaves with respect and becomes an incorrigible person by the end of the story.

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