Ruth Younger

Ruth Younger is a new member of the family who accepts their rules and struggles to make friends with all of the Youngers. This is a tender and soft person who performs no aggressive behavior and is grateful for every new day of her challenging life. Despite the positive attitude to life, the everyday routine of Ruth Younger is quite boring and monotonous. The author of the play describes this woman to be approximately thirty years old and have no higher education. She dreams about things that are easy to achieve and have no particular aim in her life. Ruth is presented as a type of person that always wants to please everyone around and create a positive impression of her. As a result, she is apologetic and does everything possible to omit conflicts and arguments related to other people. In her relations with people, this woman tends to rely on logical suggestions and follows pieces of advice given by other people. In this way, her thoughts and dreams often belong to other individuals, and Ruth desperately follows them even if they are predicted to influence her life in a negative way. Despite the fact that she is always quiet and never raises her voice, she has a considerable strength deep inside, being calm and strong during the difficult times of her challenging life. She has to deal with a great number of problems; nonetheless, she manages to take all the twists of her fortune with dignity and usually finds the right way out of any kind of problem, would it be a family issue or a misunderstanding with some other people. 

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