Sibyl Vane

Sybil is a seventeen-year-old girl who was the only one calling Dorian “Prince Charming.” She was the first love of him. They spend time a very good way; moreover, they feel so good in a company of each other that decided to marry. Dorian made a proposal, she agreed.

Sybil doesn’t have a lot of lines in a book, but we like her. And you know what – why do we like her is still unknown. She is a simple girl, but she has something charming, something that we love a lot.

Looking at their couple, everything seems to be so nice. Isn’t it? Well, then the story wouldn’t have a culmination. Sibyl’s love for Dorian compromises her ability to act, as her experience of true love in life makes her realize the falseness of affecting emotions onstage. One day Dorian decided to visit the performance of Sybil, and to his surprise she performed was so bad, and, disillusioned, that he treats her with extreme cruelty. Do you remember what we told about Lord and Dorian? They started to search a pleasure in everything. What pleasure will Dorian have near the ungifted actress? Nothing.

Can you guess what will happen next? Just think, a girl is 17 years old, she is young, open-hearted and totally in love with Dorian. Feeling so desperate, broken-hearted, poor Sybil commits suicide.

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