Sir Andrew Aguecheek

Sir Andrew Aguecheek is depicted as a tall and thin gentleman with a balding head. He is naive and stupid. Shakespeare describes him as a man who is easily deceived. It would be surprising to assume seriously that Olivia, a prominent and wealthy woman, pay attention to such an ugly bridegroom. Besides, Sir Andrew is shy and cowardly. In fact, he acts as an absurd lover, whom an ordinary servant leads him down the garden path. His friend Sir Toby also does not have any affection for him, now and then calling him “scoundrel” or “thin-armed” person. The task of Sir Aguecheek is to create a contrast with the jester Belch. He is a puppet in the hands of intriguers. He lacks the intelligence to understand the ridiculousness of his own situation. True, from time to time he suspects himself of the presence of stupidity, which does not allow him to see the truth.

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