Sir Toby Belch

Sir Toby Belch is represented by a mundane, cheerful fat man. He is witty, ironic, does not give up drinking. He is ready to compose humorous numbers and present them to the public. Sir Toby evaluates people not by their appearance, but by their inner content. This is vividly demonstrated by the episode with Maria, who receives compliments from him for the sparkling escapade with Malvolio. Sir Belch loves excellent eating and fooling, especially over high-ranking dignitaries. Despite his complacency, Toby appreciates the money. It is the opportunity to earn explains his friendship with Sir Andrew, whom he at every opportunity does not forget to hook on with a joke. Sir Belch improperly conducts her niece’s household and frequently offends servants, but still causes involuntary sympathy.

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Sir Toby Belch in the Essays