Sohrab is Hassan and Farzana's, son. He is also an ethnic Hazara. Like his father, Sohrab is excellent with a slingshot. Also, he is the main bait which Rahim Khan uses to get Amir back to the Middle East. 

After his parents are murdered, he stays in an orphanage in Karteh-Seh. Then he is a sex slave to Assef until Amir rescues him. This boy has a lot of had situations, and only they lead him to be the boy he is now. He was a victim of sexual and physical abuse, and after that, he keeps silent for a huge period of time. In some ways, he is contrasted with Hassan, but in reality, he is the main person to whom everything, all those awful situations were leaded.  

As we meet Sohrab only at the end of the novel, the author didn’t have much time to develop his character. But the things the author tells us, give a lot of interesting information. Sohrab has a huge impact on the reader because of his commonness with Hassan. He is as well very perceptive.

Also, we see a situation when Sohrab tries to get it – why Baba didn’t admit his son Hassan? He thought it was because of being Hazara. That shows us that Sohrab was smart and keen. 

It seems to us that Sohrab has innate goodness. You may even think that he wants to have revenge on Amir, but no, he truly loves the only close person he has. The cruelty people feel have no boundaries. The only way to fight with it is to act like Sohrab in reference to Assef.

Once, when Amir tells that he can’t take Sohrab with him and the last will go to the orphanage again, Sohrab wants to commit suicide. We understand that he didn’t want to hurt Amir, it was just the way to show that gave up. Fortunately, Amir and Soraya bring him to America and adopt him.

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