We meet Soraya in the middle of the book, she appears as Amir's wife. Once, being younger she ashames her family very much. What did she do?

She ran off with a man. Do you remember that for a woman who was born in Afganistan it was a disaster? The biggest shame a family could have? Well, for nowadays reader from America or Europe it will sound strange and awkward, but in reality, women there face those problems even now, having a very low amount of rights, or things they are allowed to do, to eat and even to wear. 

Although as you can easily see, she has a big impact on each reader. Her role, like the one she plays being a typical Afghan woman in Taliban, is minor from the point of plot’s perspective view.  The importance of her personage on Amir’s development and changes in huge.

That was shown on Soraya’s character very precisely. Also, she is described as very kind. She even takes care of her husband’s father, Baba, when he becomes very sick. Not each woman in the world is capable of doing things like that. 
She is faithful, smart and what is the most important she is always there for the husband Amir, she never leaves him with problems. 

Unfortunately, she had problems with health, problems which can be awful to each woman in the world. She was simply unable to have children on her own. By the way, it was one of the reasons why Soraya truly agrees to adopt Amir’s nephew, Sohrab. 

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