Stella Kowalski

Stella is a graceful young woman of about twenty-five; younger sister Blanche; Neither by birth nor by upbringing she is not a couple to her husband. But at the same time, passionately loving Stanley. Describing her relationship with him, she says: "I can hardly stand it when he is away for a night..."

The younger Mrs. Kowalski is firmly on his feet and knows perfectly what she wants. Despite the confrontation of the family, she was not afraid and linked her fate with a man of lower origin. But in the end, her world began to be confined to the walls of a squalid one-room apartment and a stupid and sometimes even cruel spouse who raises her hand to her. But even that does not bother her.

In “A Streetcar Named Desire,” Stella’s character plays a key role in connecting Blanche’s subtle, educated and sensitive world to the brutal, cruel, primitive world of her husband. She showed that these two incompatible opposites could coexist. To some extent, the war between Stan and Blanche is a battle for who will receive Stella’s love and affection. Unfortunately, Blanche lost in this battle, and Stella becomes an accomplice of humiliation and bullying of her sister.

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