Tante Lou

Tante Lou is pictured in the book as a strict and not sentimental woman. She was the one, who raised her nephew Grant and previously even raised his mother. She is not the person who expresses her love and kindness with the help of kisses and hugs. Tante Lou is often angry and irritated, more often screaming than saying kind, soft words. The greatest expression of love for this woman is cooking and feeding Grant.

It is connected with her feeling of being a protector for the boy. When she cooks for him, she shows her love. Grant is fully aware of this and perfectly knows how to hurt Tante Lou. One day he refused to have supper at home and said he wanted to eat in the town. That was the deepest for Tante Lou. However, she did not say any word only her eyes could say about her pain. The woman loses her ability to love if she loses the chance to cook for Grant. She has no other way to express her protection and kind attitude. One can also say that Tante Lou is jealous as she does not want to allow anybody except her to feed her nephew.

However, Tante Lou is not as bad as she expresses herself. It is not hard to notice her caring heart and devotion to family and community. She is a religious woman and is extremely upset when Grant rejected her beliefs.

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