Tenorio Trementina 

Tenorio Trementina is an evil warlock whose aim is to kill Ultima because of her gift for healing. The first conflict arises when his daughters cast a spell on Lucas. Ultima wants to help the boy and decides to lift the curse. However, before doing that, she warns Tenorio that if his girls don’t lift it, they may suffer. Tenorio doesn’t recognize the fact that his daughters have been involved in it at all. He is too haughty to admit the fact of the fault of his daughters, and it leads to terrible consequences. The force that was released after lifting the curse by Ultima kills the sisters. In fact, they die of their own weapons. Even having lost his daughters, Tenorio doesn’t stop thinking about his status in society. He still wants to destroy Ultima. In order to achieve his goal, Tenorio Trementina prepares three attacks against the woman. The first initiative is not successful because the owl of Ultima gouges his eye out defending the woman. Then the warlock kills Narcisco. Finally, during the third attack, he kills the owl and then Ultima as well. But he doesn’t stop even at this stage. The next aim of Tenorio is to kill Antonio because he is a pupil of Ultima. But he doesn’t manage to do it and is shot.

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