Thénardier (Jondrette)

Thénardier is a cruel and selfish man, who is an innkeeper together with his wife. They have five children, and also, Cosette lives with them, and they exploit her making her work hard about the house. Thénardier is an example of an unfair and immoral person, and it is visible in numerous episodes. For example, he lies to Fantine and tells her that Cosette needs medications and doctor’s help only to get more money from her. Besides that, while serving in the army, he robs dead soldiers on battlefields. Later on, he throws his son on the street just because he does not want to bother thinking how to feed them.

After Valjean takes Cosette away from the Thénardier family, they become bankrupts and eventually change their names to Jondrette to begin a new life. Thénardier earns for a living through begging and blackmail makes his daughter Eponine involved in this business. Eventually, Valjean becomes one of the victims of Thénardier’s criminal group. However, Javert arrests them. Later, Thénardier threatens Marius by promising to reveal the secret of Valjean’s past. Marius gives him money and sends him away, and Thénardier goes to the United States and becomes a slave trader.

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