The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Ghost of Christmas Past is like a child and has a source of unquenchable, bright light—perhaps this is the best thing that people have in childhood and that they diligently seek to hide over time.

The Ghost of Christmas Past comes to Scrooge and rediscovers the past, bringing Scrooge first to his childhood, where he is still a carefree young man who loves and knows how to enjoy life, is able to love, has hopes, dreams, and good mood. After this, the Spirit transfers Scrooge at a time when Scrooge has already parted ways with youthful dreams and focuses entirely on the accumulation of wealth. He breaks up with his beloved, who finds his happiness with another person. It is so hard to Scrooge to see his life that he asks the Ghost of Christmas Past to bring him back.

The Ghost of Christmas Past proves that there is no future without past. The past events must be forgotten if you want to give place to new reminders. All the things that surround us and come with us are the result of previous life processes. So, we are directly dependent on our past— whether we want to accept it or not.

What is happening in your life now is not just an accident but the result of the way our consciousness has worked in the past. The roots of your "today" lie in the past. And Scrooge was able to understand that because of The Ghost of Christmas Past.

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